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You have an idea that you are ready to turn into a reality? Halleloo is here to make it happen! Films. Web Series. Sketch Comedy. Music Videos. Commercials. Live Performances. Tutorials. Instructional Videos. We do it all and we've done it all. We create with you to bring your ideas to life. Here's what we will provide:

  • Pre-Production: consultations with the entire creative team to nail down locations, shot lists, casting, storyboards, production design, script, scheduling etc. Everything that needs to happen to make a movie.
  • Production: Halleloo takes care of everything from call sheets to crafty, from action to cut, from directing to costuming, from continuity to lighting. We provide script supervision. We provide production design. We help you form and focus your ideas so that you walk away with the absolute best product available.
  • Post-Production: Halleloo has a team of editors with professional experience in not only video editing but also sound editing, sound mixing, color grading and after effects. So that crazy shot you never thought was possible? Yeah, we got ya.
  • Paperwork: You want to use SAG-AFTRA actors? You want to shoot in a court room? You want to use that song? No problem! We will take care of everything from contracts, to permits, to licensing. You just write, okay? 

We take pride in the fact that we do not cookie cutter any of our projects. Every video is a new adventure for us, so for that reason, we price each project according to the needs/budget of the client. So send us a message and we can schedule a consultation! Your ideas are already great. Let's talk about it. Halleloo!

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Nathan Chang, Executive Producer - nathan@hallelooproductions.com

Corey Sheppard, Executive Producer - corey@hallelooproductions.com

Melonie Bailey, Production Designer - melonie@hallelooproductions.com

Shelby Smith, Line Producer - shelby@hallelooproductions.com