Welcome to Halleloo!


We are a full service film production company dedicated to helping businesses and careers flourish. We produce films, web series, music videos, cooking shows, sketches, live performances, and commercials. 


"The set was run like a well oiled machine and the set was perfectly custom built. Everyone who works at Halleloo Productions is kind and good at their job! Happy to recommend."

-Jessie Jolles,  Writer,  Pixable

"I had the pleasure and luck of working with Halleloo Productions at the beginning of their official formation as a company. My experience was exceptional. The level of collaboration, artistry, and professionalism exceeded my expectations. Not only that, but I had a ton of fun on set! I hope to have the opportunity to work with them again on a future project." 

-Marina Bevilacqua, Actor

"I want to express my gratitude to the Halleloo cast and crew! It was beyond great working with you guys! It was my first film production in NYC as an actor, and it served as a great introduction to how nice New Yorkers can actually be (despite popular belief)."

-Anthony Williams, Actor

"Halleloo is a wonderful company to work with. Not only do they have top of the line equipment and a knowledgeable team, but they are very kind and make you feel supported. The product encapsulates this, as there is extremely professional footage infused with care for the artist and his/her artistry. I would recommend using their services in a heartbeat. 'Halleloo' for Halleloo!"

-Kory Geller, Dancer